Noble Media™ is a boutique storytelling company and agency based in Los Angeles. We were founded by Laura and Brandon Piety who saw a gap in the landscape for stories and special projects that were not only meaningful, but were told/executed with an elevated brand. We call this the intersection of luxury, creativity, and social impact.

Our Agency partners with brands on premium content, marketing campaigns, and strategic projects to fuse substance and surface.

Our original content is released in the form of film, TV, and web content around significant cultural and lifestyle topics. Our Noble Conversations series covers interviews with some of the best and brightest moving the needle across their respective industries.

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Laura Piety

Laura Piety is originally from London and now lives in Los Angeles. She blends a unique background in fashion, film, media, luxury, and the non profit space, and believes that the creative industries have exponential potential to push the needle on global change. She started her career early in the luxury space interning at British Vogue and Matches Fashion while attending Central Saint Martins in London, before graduating and working alongside the Mayor of London’s office and Visit London to publicize London as a city in the emerging markets, notably China for the Beijing Olympics. She has since worked for or alongside companies including The Guardian News & Media, Violet Grey, You Tube, Eco-Age, and Sundance. She was also the Associate Producer and Director of Partnerships for documentary The True Cost, which explored the impact of fashion on people and the planet. It was distributed by Netflix. In previous work she has crafted partnerships with companies including Kering, Participant Media, Harvey Nichols, VSCO, BAFTA LA, the ILO, the IOM (UN Agencies), and many more.

Brandon Piety is California-born and Midwest-raised. He has always had a passion for the film industry and impactful storytelling. As a Producer he blends a unique background in business and operations, and creativity and marketing. He is the Executive Producer of commercial production company Adolescent Content. In addition to running an ad agency in his early twenties, he was a Co-Founder & COO of PartnersHub, a tech platform that worked with Hollywood studios (Walt Disney, Warner Bros., Universal, Roadside Attractions, FilmDistrict) and consumer/CPG companies (Walmart, Project RED, P&G) to craft international and domestic marketing campaigns. He has strategized, executive produced or creative directed over 100 marketing campaigns and commercials, including for film and TV properties including Food Inc., The Cove, The Hobbit and Harry Potter; as well as Samsung, Converse, Yowie, and California Almonds.

Brandon Piety