How Will the See Now Buy Now Shows Impact the Supply Chain?

Laura Piety


Image: Burberry’s September 2016 runway show

The ‘see now, buy now’ shows are upending elements of the traditional fashion calendar. At Noble, part of our commitment is to covering the systems and brands disrupting the industry in some manner.

These straight to store sales are surely disruptive, but by creating demand and providing consumers with immediate gratification will it end up perpetuating another version of the fast fashion mindset that drives consumers to buy in a short timeframe? Will the brands allow pieces to sell out without restocking at pace to perpetuate scarcity and exclusivity? Or will it put pressure on them to produce more out-of-stock clothes quickly? Is this a modern revolution, or will it create more issues for the garment workers?

While the answers remain to be seen, the Business of Fashion investigates the sales impact these shows have had so far:

Are ‘See Now, Buy Now’ Shows Driving Sales?
Kate Abnett

LONDON, United Kingdom — The fashion industry’s “see now, buy now” experiment is underway. Over the last few weeks, brands including Tom Ford, Burberry, Tommy Hilfiger and Ralph Lauren staged their first shoppable runway shows, enabling customers to buy their collections immediately after they debut on the catwalk, with the aim to translate the interest and excitement generated by runway shows into sales.

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