How do you think vintage fits in with the new mood for sustainable consumerism?

It fits perfectly. In essence, consuming vintage is giving another life to a product. Vintage pieces are quality, a quality that has been lost. Purchasing luxury vintage  (clothes, bags, jewelry, watches, accessories) is buying pieces that will last a very long time, special unique items that you can pass on to your children. It’s also a great investment as these pieces carry their value.

What should a new customer look for when buying vintage – whether that’s particular pieces that will wear well, or brands that hold their value? What about a well seasoned buyer expanding their collection?

The best safe investments, better than gold today are: the Hermès iconic bags – Kelly, Birkin and Constance. Look for timeless classic pieces from  Rolex, Cartier watches, Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Hermès bags, Cartier and Bulgari jewelry. For fashion pieces specifically, look for Yves Saint Laurent ready-to-wear from the seventies, Margiela nineties pieces, 1930’s lace dresses, 1920’s Japanese Kimonos, 1980’s fox fur jackets, 1990’s biker leather jackets, Alaia 1980’s leather pieces… these are the pieces influencing today’s trends.

Finally, can you talk about the practicalities of owning vintage? What is the best way to care for pieces? How do you mix it with your existing wardrobe? 

I’d say the best way to take care of your vintage pieces is similar to any precious luxury piece. For exotic leather such as lizard, especially vintage ones, the bag handle can be very fragile, so do not wear it all the time. It’s the same for very delicate clothes such as silk and sequin pieces. Haute couture should be worn only at occasion. Go to the best dry cleaner in town!

Most vintage pieces are actually better quality than contemporary pieces so they should stand the test of time. My favorite example: Each summer I still wear a 1900 white dress I bought years ago. It is still in great condition after more than a 100 years!

Mixing vintage with contemporary pieces is the way to go. The total vintage look isn’t a good look. Vintage classic timeless bags go with anything, for instance, wear a 1990’s box calf navy Kelly with a pair of jeans and an Acne leather jacket. Other looks include:

  • A YSL or a vintage Chanel jacket like you’d wear a jacket today.
  • Wear on a 1970’s YSL cape with Saint Laurent boots of this season.
  • Wear your Chanel bag over anything.
  • Wrap a vintage Hermès carré around your head as a turban with Chloé’s flared trousers from this season.


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