Noble is a media and production company based in Los Angeles. We were founded by Laura and Brandon Piety who saw a gap in the media landscape for stories that were not only meaningful, but were told with an elevated brand.

We curate and create beautiful and intelligent content that digs deeper, inspires creativity, and sparks conviction. We call this intelligent entertainment. Our original content is released in the form of multimedia series around significant cultural and lifestyle topics. Our first series is centered on Clean Luxury – the fusion of sustainability and luxury in the fashion and beauty industry. We also partner with brands to create premium content that tells compelling, beautiful stories with meaning.

Laura Piety, Editor The Clean Luxury Issue


Laura Piety has worked with or for companies including The Guardian News & Media, Violet Grey, You Tube and was also a producer on fashion documentary The True Cost. Brandon Piety has worked in the entertainment and technology space with brands including Walt Disney, Warner Bros., and Walmart. He is also an Executive Producer at commercial production company Blue Giant.

If you would like to get in contact regarding a partnership, editorial pitch, or advertising opportunity please email hello@noblemedia.co.